Invisible Q Bell Max diameter: 22m

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Product Description

Description 1. Make your riding safer, suitable for almost all types of bicycles and scooters.

2. The bicycle bell is made of high-quality materials, which can produce a clear and powerful sound and bring you an excellent wearing experience.

3. The bicycle cover is shaped like a ring. Its retro-looking design makes it attractive and can decorate your bicycle in retro style.

4. The bicycle bell can be easily installed on the bicycle handlebar with manganese steel installation tape, which is stable and easy to disassemble.

5. The bicycle bell is light and does not take up too much installation space. Its exquisite design shows you a good texture.


Product name: bicycle bell

Material: aluminum alloy

Color: black, blue, gold, red, silver

Size: 41.2x15mm

Applicable diameter: 22.2-22.8mm

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